Table of Contents

GIMP BibleThis is the official website for the book GIMP Bible, by Jason van Gumster and Rob Shimonski. It will include links to videos, sample files and color versions of some of the images that appear in the book. This site is broken up into chapters; to see the extra stuff that’s been created for each one, just click on the links below.

This site also has a blog, accessible on the left menu, with an RSS feed that you can use to follow along and get informed whenever I upload new content.

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Part I: Meet GIMP

  • Chapter 1: What Is GIMP? | Errata
  • Chapter 2: Thinking Digitally

Part II: Getting Started

  • Chapter 3: Working with Files | Errata
  • Chapter 4: A Brief Overview of GIMP’s Tools | Errata
  • Chapter 5: Taking Advantage of Paths | Files
  • Chapter 6: Working with Layers and Masks | Files
  • Chapter 7: Using Channels | Files

Part III: Manipulating Images

  • Chapter 8: Transforming Images | Files | Errata
  • Chapter 9: Adjusting Colors | Files
  • Chapter 10: Working with Text | Files
  • Chapter 11: Painting in GIMP | Files
  • Chapter 12: Enhancing Photos | Files

Part IV: Filters and Effects

  • Chapter 13: Blurring, Enhancing, and Distortion Filters
  • Chapter 14: Image Creation Filters
  • Chapter 15: Compositing Filters | Files
  • Chapter 16: Artistic Filters
  • Chapter 17: Specialized Filters
  • Chapter 18: Automating Filters | Files

Part V: Animation and Video

  • Chapter 19: Using GIMP Animation Package (GAP) | Files
  • Chapter 20: Using Video-Specific Functions in GIMP

Part VI: Advanced Topics

  • Chapter 21: Finding and Installing Plug-ins
  • Chapter 22: Creating Custom Effects with Scripting | Files

Part VII: Appendices

  • Appendix A: Downloading and Installing GIMP
  • Appendix B: Setting up External Devices
  • Appendix C: Customizing GIMP
  • Appendix D: Additional Resources
  • Appendix E: What’s on the Website